Max Polyakov: The Head Chef at Eos Bar and How He Became Highly Popular

Макс Поляков спас домашнего питомца по имени Мурка

The parents of Max Polyakov expected him to do aviation and so, they used to scold him whenever they saw him spending so much time doing kitchen activities. One day Max had a career path selection session in school. This was when Max chose to inform his parents that his dream was to become a chef.

Detailed information about Max Polyakov

Becoming a cook

Max Polyakov used to cook some very delicious meals at his home and this made his dad angrier that he even banned him from going to the kitchen.

Max’s mother, on the other hand, started accepting his son’s decision. This made Max’s father decide to take Max to his brother who worked at an airport. He felt that if Max interacted with his uncle, he would stop thinking about becoming a cook.

Max at his relative’s home

After living with his relative for a week and accompanying him each day to work, Max Polyakov became fed up. He chooses to leave that house and went to a certain nearby hotel where he assisted in cleaning and washing dishes and got to know more about becoming a cook.

Upon finding out that Max was missing, the uncle informed his parents. They searched for him and finally found him during the fourth day. Max’s parents scolded him but the uncle intervened and asked them to let him pursue what he desired.

This led to Max Polyakov getting enrolled in a catering institution. However, there was some challenge in getting school fees because Max’s dad who used to work as a medic got his license canceled because he had become a drunkard. If was difficult for Max’s mum to support the whole family alone. So, Max was forced to take some jobs in order to get money for his cooking lessons.

Catering institution courses

The courses offered at the catering institution included cooking and sanitation, event organization, kitchen organization and menu, and recipe creation. Max Polyakov chose a program that entailed food preparation.


Max’s course was required to take a year but after eight months, EOS bar, a place where Max wanted to work, held a catering contest. Max Polyakov emerged second in that contest. When Max was asked to show his CV, the EOS bar team was fascinated to find out that Max was still in school. They offered to employ him as an intern while they waited for him to finish his studies.tudies.

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